The sheep in our herd are of the Textel breed, and they are raised in a well kept, native camp. The property is located in Campos de Cima da Serra, a town in São Francisco de Paula/RS, where the native woods prominently consist of the majestic evergreens. The Textel breed produces a unique kind of meat, which is a result of grass feeding. The cotton, even though it bears a thick fiber that is excellent for artistic use, requires a lot of work on the property for the purpose of diversifying the activity.
The sheep we breed are purebred and their mates are selected with each generation to guarantee genetic improvement. We received technical assistance from the agriculture engineer Luiz Gonzaga P. Messias, EMATER/RS, to provide high quality fodder (native camp improvements), as well as to help manage the herds throughout all the stages of reproduction. Sales of lambs and adult sheep are permanent.

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